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Our Story

How we started our journey towards better experiences.

We are an independent design studio based in Bangalore. At Tabiea, we believe a good design is an idea that does not destruct the environment. With this ideology, we started Tabiea Designs in 2020 for bringing sustainable and beautifully crafted décor pieces to your home.  We use a mix of technology and artistic expertise to achieve our goals. 

Printing Plastic Skull

We use technology to create unique intricate designs.

Far from being a simple production technique, 3D printing rethinks the very spirit of creation. It imposes new constraints at the heart of which is born a singular and unprecedented freedom.

Minimalism and Texture.

Passing with unequalled speed from the idea to the object, we work on the detail and texture with a meticulousness that refuses to the human hand. 

curvy planter

Experience sustainability with our made to order model and bio-materials.

Few snippets from some of our exhibitions.

We often take part in pop-ups in and around Bangalore where we get to meet our customers in person and get to interact with them and talk about our brand.  Its a special feeling to see the smile on their face when they get to touch and feel our product and are aw-struck by the design and choice of material. 

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